Do you have a question about counselling or psychotherapy?

Below are the most common questions we are asked about counselling or psychotherapy. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please feel welcome to contact us.


Can I book directly or do I need a referral from my GP?

You can contact us directly. There are two ways to book an appointment with Wide Bay Counselling:

1.    Phone – 0401 174 953 for an appointment
2.    Use the contact form and send us an email

How much does it cost for a therapy session?

1. Fees for Daniel and our other counsellors:

Individual and couples session prices

Individual sessions: $120 (60 mins)
Couples sessions: $140 (60 mins)

2. Fees for specialist counselling by Carissa; please enquire with [email protected]

Eftpos is available.

Fees for EAP

Fees for EAP are worked out accordingly. EAP service fees come with an agreement of contact that priorities the EAP as well as monthly stats completed by our service. Therefore EAP services are generally higher than the fee-paying service to cover the extra work.

Please reach out to discuss.
0401 174 953
[email protected]

Supervision and case consults

Carissa supervises consellors, social workers, therapists, chaplains, and any helping professionals.

Please enquire at [email protected] for supervision services.

Can I get a Medicare or health fund rebate?

Unfortunately we don’t offer Medicare rebates. However fees are kept to a minimum so rates are competitive when compared with the typical gap payment when visiting a psychologist.

Do you offer reduced fees for therapy sessions?

As private practitioners we don’t receive funding other than our fees which are already set at a level to make us as accessible as possible and can’t be reduced any further.
However, we are happy to discuss your needs and recommend a suitable organisation which offers no cost or reduced fees.

What if I’m unsure if this is the right service for me?

We offer a free confidential chat with some specific questions which help us work out if this is the right service for you. Please call us to arrange a 15 minute no-obligation conversation.

What’s the difference between counselling and Psychotherapy?

There can be considerable overlap between counselling and psychotherapy, however one tends to deal with immediate needs while the other is generally a long-term process.

Counselling mostly deals with recent events and explores your feelings around those events and how you’ve tried to cope or manage.

Psychotherapy is intended to help you reach a deeper level of self-understanding and equip you manage persistent or recurring issues.

How long does a session go for?

Individual sessions run for 60 minutes, although 90-minute sessions are available upon request and are particularly useful for those travelling from out of town.

When can I expect to get an appointment and what if I can’t make my appointment and need to reschedule or cancel?

Wide Bay Counselling aims to attend to any immediate personal crisis, we do our best to give you an appointment as soon as possible however sometimes it may be up to a week or two for new clients.
As there is a high demand for our services, we ask clients to give 24 to 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

How is my personal information kept private?

All sessions are confidential and all counselling records are kept in a locked cabinet and destroyed after 7 years.